What is Ceramic

The protective layer and clear coat of your car are joined together molecularly by ceramic coating. Environmental sludge, harmful UV rays, and acidic bug droppings may all be simply washed away, preserving your car and maintaining it in top condition. Because of its remarkable hydrophobic qualities, which deflect dirt and water, maintaining your car is quick and simple. For the best protection, we advise combining your ceramic coating package with one of our paint protection film choices.

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Signature Features

Protection From The Elements – designed to shield against pollutants, UV radiation, insect acids, oxidation, and corrosion.

Excellent Hydrophobic Properties – repels pollutants and water from your painted surfaces.

Stain And Etching Resistant – prevents fading brought on by toxins, oils, and environmental contaminants.

Increases Gloss And Paint Clarity –enhances the paintwork’s slickness and richness of color

What is Ceramic

The clear coat of your car or a recently wrapped car are the two main surfaces to which we apply ceramic coatings. Ceramic Paint & PPF performs amazingly well since it clings to these surfaces, producing a tough and water-repellent surface. This coating enhances scratch resistance while providing unmatched hydrophobic defense and gloss. Choosing the greatest coating for your paintwork and PPF is a no-brainer since it’s crucial that we put the best on your car. Ceramic Coating is it.

Common Questions

With Paint Protection Film of all brands, this is extremely typical. It has to do with how the PPF and the paint or clearcoat on the automobile have different refractive indices.


You may apply a vinyl over the film, yes. After installation, we advise waiting 48 hours before doing so. If done correctly, you may also remove the stripe without harming the film.

We take pleasure in the extra efforts we take to ensure a clean and expert installation, including removing emblems, cameras, and trim.


It would be like comparing apples and oranges while deciding between the two. Paint protection film is advised for high-impact protection against things like rock chips and paint swirls. To improve the shine and simplicity…


Since ceramic coatings are designed to prevent adherence from other materials, this is not advised. We advise having the present ceramic coating removed prior to installing PPF in order to provide a surface that will allow for good adhesion. On top of your XPEL Paint Protection Film, you may apply XPEL FUSION PLUS.


Yes, you may apply coatings to films. The film continues to self-heal despite the addition of a layer. Over the film, coatings can offer a layer of protection that, depending on the coating, can have various qualities. Depending on the type of coating used, the extra layer may or may not self-heal. The self-healing capabilities of XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS and STEALTH will last if the coating ages and degrades.


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