Yes, we provide our customers with loaner cars. When scheduling your servicing, kindly ask for a loaner vehicle.


Our vinyl wraps come with a 5-year warranty against color fading and an 18-month workmanship warranty. In other words, for a period of 18 months, if you experience installation-related problems like pull-back, cracking, bubbling, or distortion, we’ll replace the installation after seeing it in person. The vehicle’s horizontal and vertical surfaces are both covered by the 5-year color fade warranty.

The film will not self-heal if a particle of debris has broken through the clear layer completely. The piece of film has to be changed in order to be fixed. The Xpel ULTIMATE PLUS and STEALTH film’s self-healing clear coat is made to mend itself from swirl marks and minor scratches caused by car washes.

The inside and outside of your automobile take a beating over the winter. The clearcoat and interior components may be harmed by temperature fluctuations, salt, road construction, and other issues. To reduce any damage, we advise regular washings and minor interior detailing. We advise having PPF or a ceramic coating applied to your car’s interior or exterior as soon as possible if you are thinking about doing so.

With Paint Protection Film of all brands, this is extremely typical. It has to do with how the PPF and the paint or clearcoat on the automobile have different refractive indices. Since the film needs to be stretched over these curves in order to be put without wrinkling, compound curves are where it is most evident. Stretching the film causes those regions, which are responsible for the phenomena visible via polarized glasses, to become somewhat thinner.
When the installer needs to apply a drying solution (as opposed to a slip solution), such alcohol and water, to obtain the necessary bind to the paint, it can also happen on flat surfaces. This results from the fluids’ varying viscosities and the impact they have on


We advise having us do at least one stage of paint repair while performing any kind of paint protection. Any remaining swirls, holograms, and sanding markings from the manufacturer will be eliminated by doing this.


It would be like comparing apples and oranges while deciding between the two. Paint protection film is advised for high-impact protection against things like rock chips and paint swirls. A ceramic coating is advised to increase shine and make cleaning easier. For the best protection, we should couple the two services.


Yes. We exclusively use single-piece window tints to tint cars. Not at all!


No, we don’t use silicone tire dressing since after a few weeks, they frequently cause tire aging.


The 10-year warranty for XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS covers a variety of problems, including yellowing. You may get more details regarding the warranty at


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