Do you Need Paint Protection Film
in Louisville KY?

The durable polyurethane-based paint protection film is designed to protect your car’s clear coat and paintwork from harming road debris. To prevent damage and unsightly issues, it is typically sprayed to the paint of a vehicle’s high-impact regions. Be covered by our experts in Louisville.


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Benefits of Paint
Protection Film

For a number of reasons, people choose to protect their automobile. Here are some benefits.

Creates the peace of mind
when driving

Reduces likelihood of rock

Protects against scratching
Prevents costly repaint and having to match paint color later on
Maintains the look of your car from factory

Helps with resale value 

Pair With A Ceramic Coating

Benefit from the best of both protection services with a ceramic coating. These two services combine well since they offer numerous types of protection. For example, you could just want to ceramic coat the other portions of the vehicle and PPF the high-impact areas to prevent oxidation and make the car easier to clean and maintain.

Common Questions

We like going above and above to provide a tidy and skilled installation, which includes removing insignia, cameras, and trim.

Comparing apples to oranges in order to decide between the two would be equivalent to doing that. High-impact protection against things like paint swirls and rock chips is recommended by paint protection film. To make the simplicity and gleam better…

This is not suggested since ceramic coatings are intended to stop other materials from adhering. Prior to applying PPF, we suggest having the current ceramic coating removed to provide a surface that will promote effective adherence. You can use XPEL FUSION PLUS on top of your XPEL Paint Protection Film.

Films may really receive coatings. Despite the addition of a layer, the movie keeps healing itself. Coatings can provide a layer of protection over the film that, depending on the coating, can have a variety of properties. The additional layer may or may not self-heal depending on the coating utilized. Even if the coating deteriorates and ages, XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS and STEALTH still have self-healing properties.

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