Paint Chip Repair
in Louisville KY

Paint correction is the process of levelling off the clear coat of your car by removing swirls, oxidation, marring, etching, and scratches using a machine polisher and compound/polish. To provide the finest results for you, we inspect the clear coat of your paint and only use the best tools and supplies.

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Why You Need This for New Cars

Like most things in life, not everything is as it seems. Manufacturers and dealers of automobiles make the paintwork seem nice enough right out of the factory to pass a fast inspection test. We are here to ensure that there are no holograms, residual sanding marks, or other paint flaws and to significantly improve the shine of your prized possession.

Common Questions

If a piece of trash completely penetrates the transparent layer, the film will not repair itself. In order to be corrected, the film has to be modified. The self-healing clear coat on the Xpel ULTIMATE PLUS and STEALTH films is designed to repair itself after small scratches and swirl marks from car washes.

Even while the movie’s edge may be seen from certain perspectives, most viewers won’t see it unless they are actively searching for it. However, it could be more noticeable on white or lighter-colored cars or if the car is dirty. We always advise performing a full hood installation to address this issue.

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